Professional People Yield Professional Results

PDI’s team takes a holistic approach to each project.  The structure of a building, either new or existing is not PDI’s only focus.

Quite simply, PDI does not view a project as “just another job”.  Each facility presents its own complexities and characteristics.  The varied experience of the PDI staff professionals allows them to focus on the site-specific details and safety needs of each and every unique building.

At PDI, it’s not about looking at a just a sprinkler system or at an isolated fire alarm system.  PDI looks at the relationship that exists between all parts of a building and its safety systems, and never makes generalizations from one project to another.

The professionals at PDI are not only experts in fire protection engineering. They understand the architectural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing aspects of building construction and how these systems integrate with the fire protection and life safety systems of a structure.  PDI staff members evaluate external forces, such as water supply, fire hydrant locations, and access to the site by emergency responders.  Most importantly, PDI uses its sophisticated modeling systems to identify the most cost-effective solutions for each project, and prioritizes the corrective measures according to what would provide the best return on investment to a building owner.

The PDI team includes fire protection engineers, fire systems designers, permitting managers, fire protection and code analysts, and other managers.

“PDI’s mix of code practitioners and fire researchers is rare. Very few firms have both building/fire code experience and in-depth experience with fire dynamics.   It allows our clients to have the best possible fire protection services, in practice and in theory.”

Bob Andrews
President & CEO
Principal Fire Protection Engineer
Protection Development, Incorporated