Building and Fire Code Review and Analysis

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Protection Development, Incorporated’s experience working on a wide range of occupancies allows us to bring our cumulative knowledge to each job. Our diverse building and fire code consulting projects have included shopping malls, office buildings, apartment complexes, schools, hospitals, aircraft carriers, military bases, and nuclear waste storage facilities.

With its vast code library spanning building and fire codes dating back to the 1920’s and a staff that includes licensed Fire Protection Engineers, ICC Certified Building and Fire Plans Examiners, Certified Building Officials, and a National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) Sprinkler and Fire Alarm designer, PDI is Central Texas’ premier resource for building and fire code consulting. During our 26 years of operation in the City of San Antonio and surrounding metropolitan areas, PDI has developed an unprecedented understanding of the codes and how they affect the development process. We are acknowledged experts in the International Building and Fire Codes, the Uniform Building and Fire Codes, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Codes, and we work with design teams and municipal authorities on all aspects of fire protection, offering functional design solutions to sprinkler, fire alarm, and construction issues.

Our primary Building and Fire Code Consulting practice includes:

Hazardous Occupancies: Hazardous Material Inventory Statements, special requirements for ventilation and spill containment, other special fire protection features including early detection, flammable vapor containment, and foam-based fire suppression.

Occupant Load/Egress: Evaluation of occupant loads, egress widths, travel distances, and common path of travel.

Fire-Resistance Rated Construction: Determination of incidental use requirements, horizontal exits, exit passageways, fire walls, fire barrier, allowable area/construction type requirements.

Occupancy Driven Special Requirements: Special exiting requirements, atrium smoke-control, special detection and fire alarm requirements for high-rise buildings, mixed occupancy.

Site Fire Protection Features: Fire Department access roads layout, hydraulic (fire flow) requirements, building separation distances (protected vs. unprotected openings), and allowable area/construction type requirements.

Third Party Plan Reviews: Review of construction documents and fire protection system shop drawings for compliance with nationally recognized codes and standards for municipal authorities as part of the permitting and construction process.